The Board of Commissioners of the Township of North Bergen considered it to be in the best interest of the citizens of the Township of North Bergen ("Township") to establish a Residential Parking Program (the "Program") in order to alleviate the hardship experienced by residents in obtaining on-street parking, to preserve the residential quality of neighborhoods, and to provide for improvements in air quality, vehicular traffic, and noise pollution.

Based on the North Bergen Parking Authority's ("Parking Authority's") ongoing evaluation of the Program, the Township has determined that it is necessary to (1) expand the Program to include all aspects of public parking within the Township; (2) amend the Program to include limited commercial permitting; (3) adjust and add certain parking controls; and (4) delegate certain authority to the Parking Authority to carry out the purposes and goals of the parking ordinances. 

The Parking Authority of the Township of North Bergen was established by Township Ordinance #2207-81 in accordance with the Revised Statutes of New Jersey, Title 40:11A-4.  The Authority is an autonomous entity from the Township governed by an independent Board of  Commissioners.

Updated 2/1/2022