Township of North Bergen

Parking Authority

Monthly Business Permit Hangtag

Monthly Business Permit Hangtags may be purchased individually for $20.00 per month or you may purchase six (6) months for $100.00.

Monthly Business Permit Hangtags are intended for business owners and their employees who conduct business within an RPP zone. Business owners or employees, who are residents of North Bergen and work within an RPP zone, may purchase a Residential Permit Decal for that zone. Business permit hangtags are effective from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM or from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

1. Applicants who are business owners need to provide the following:

a. Valid New Jersey driver's license, and

b. Valid New Jersey vehicle registration, and

c. North Bergen Business license or Certificate of Occupancy or one (1) utility bill (gas, electric, cable, telephone) with the name of the business and North Bergen street address.

2. Applicants who are employees need to provide the following:

a. Your valid driver's license, and

b. Your valid vehicle registration, and

c. A payroll stub dated less than three weeks prior to the application, and

d. A letter from the employer, on business letterhead, verifying employment.  

Note: Contractors must contact the North Bergen Parking Authority for business permits.

The following instructions are to be be followed upon your permit purchase:

  • This permit is only valid for the days, month(s), and years(s) shown.

    • This permit entitles bearer to park in the North Bergen Residential Parking Permit zones during residential parking hours.

      • Please hang permit on rearview mirror with this side of permit facing the interior of vehicle. Keep car locked when displaying permit. Please remember to remove the hangtag when vehicle is in operation.

        • Permits may not be sold, exchanged, or purchased from any person or agency other than from the NBPA.

          • This permit does not authorize holder to park in fire zones, at parking meters, in roadway, loading zones, designated tow away zones, or any other area not designated as a Residential Parking Zone.

            • This permit may not be reproduced or altered. Violators are subject to a fine and a revocation of residential parking privileges.

              • This permit cannot be replaced and is non-refundable.

               Parking Permit Hangtag Display         

              Monthly Business Permit Hangtags must be hung from the interior rearview mirror facing outward. Please display permit so that it  is readily visible to parking enforcement personnel.